Theme Park Recovery Cocktail

Theme Park Recovery Cocktail


Theme Park Recovery Cocktail

Revive dehydrated and fatigued muscles after a fun-filled day with this cocktail that’s filled with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

The Theme Park Recovery Cocktail is a great way to ease the come-down after a trip to one of Central Florida’s many entertainment attractions. The ingredients enhance muscle recovery as well as promote energy production and detoxification. It’s a great way to revive your entire body after a long action-packed day of fun.

Within the Theme Park Recovery Cocktail you will find:

  • Glutamine- enhances exercise performance
  • Ornithine- helps remove toxins
  • Arginine- important for blood flow
  • Lysine- helps rebuild muscle mass
  • Citrulline- opens up vessels to facilitate blood flow
  • Carnatine- important in energy production
  • B Complex Vitamins- increases focus, alertness, memory, etc
  • Vitamin B12- increases energy and metabolism

This blend of Amino Acids and Vitamins ensure optimal recovery. This cocktail will also energize you in minutes while relieving symptoms of dehydration and fatigue.

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