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Hot Sauce- The Secret To Weight loss?

Are you one of those people that need to chose the ‘mild’ option at restaurants or are you someone who needs to feel your tongue burning halfway through your meal? Regardless of your choice, it’s good to know the positive benefits that hot sauce has on your body. Maybe that’ll change your opinion on them.

Some people bring hot sauce along with every meal and we should be taking notes from them. It doesn’t just provide many different feelings but it also provides many great things for your health that a lot of people don’t know. One of them is you weight. It is said that hot sauce can help lose weight. Maybe that’s the secret?

One of the biggest indicators that hot sauce can help you lose weight is the capsaicin that it contains. This can help increase your metabolism, which in turn helps burn calories more efficiently. Not only that but it’s very low in calories. If you switch it out with another sauce then you’ll be saving yourself many calories and weight gain in the future!

This one might steer some people away but it’s true! If you put a couple drops of hot sauce in your meal then it could keep you form overeating. The reason isn’t a secret. If your mouth is burning you don’t want to continue eating the food. Eat This, Not That talks about a study they found. It says that the subjects that rarely ate spicy foods experience a decrease in hunger. The ones that claimed to like it didn’t experience the same.

This means that after a while your body can get accustomed to this spicy sauce and not much can happen. Regardless, the main thing is the spice you feel. Maybe for those that make hot sauce a regular in their meals you can opt for something even spicier. It’s good to keep in mind that hot sauce isn’t the cure all for all weight related problems but it does help. Putting together a balanced diet and making sure that you’re staying active is another great piece of the puzzle.

Let’s go on to the different types of benefits that your hot sauce can provide for you:

  • Did you know that peppers actually contain many vitamins and minerals that can do our body good? Some of them are Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These are should to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and even contains anti aging properties.
  • If you’ve ever been sick and eaten something spicy you know exactly what we’re about to say. Hot sauce and spicy foods can clear congestion! This is because of how much capsaicin it has which contains all natural anti-flu decongestant remedies.
  • While it may not feel like it sometimes, hot sauce can actually boost your mood! When you eat spicy things your body releases endorphins, serotonin, and other feel good hormones to block out the heat you must be feeling.

As you can see, hot sauce has many benefits for the body. One of the main ones is of course, weight loss. When you get on your fitness journey and want to try different ways to test your weight loss, give hot sauce a try! For an extra boost, the IV Lounge has just the right thing for you. Our Skinny Shot is a great way to kick-start your metabolism and help you burn fat, detox and even boost energy. The Vitamin B12 that it has also plays a key role in the function of the brain and nervous system.

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