Dr. Bernadette Antonyrajah

Medical Director - Winter Park

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Dr. Bernadette Antonyrajah – Medical Director of The IV Lounge

Dr. Antonyrajah is a Board Certified Pediatrician who specializes in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, but has a passion for and interest in overall health, fitness and well being.    

Born in London, England, Dr. Antonyrajah and her family relocated to the United States when she was only 8 years old, settling in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan.  Growing up in the “Wolverine State” surrounded by close family and friends, her childhood was filled with music, athletics and education.  The daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, she learned early in life the value of hard work, perseverance and commitment.  Her father, an accountant and CFO by trade, instilled in her an unyielding work ethic, a lifelong passion for learning and a meticulous approach to business.  Her mother, a well-educated, cultured and athletic woman in her own right, became a stay at home mom after the move to the United States.  There, she brought a love a music, fashion and travel into Dr. Antonyrajah’s life, all the while with family at the center of the household.  She also introduced a love of sports and fitness to her daughter.  The combined influence of her parents certainly left an indelible impression upon her.   

By junior high school Dr. Antonyrajah was, by all accounts, a well-rounded student-athlete.  She was swimming competitively on a statewide level, but also maintaining an excellent academic record, earning top honors in her class year upon year.  Her family continued to foster her love of music as she learned to play both the piano and violin, taking part in school performances, recitals and jazz band.  Family was always important as was a sense of her culture and history, and therefore international travel was a part of her early life as she was introduced to a world much greater than her own.  Language, foreign cuisine and an appreciation for the arts blossomed.  Above all else, a passion for life, family and the dedicated pursuit of your dreams was taught.  But in concert with that, she was also taught humility, a sense of community and an understanding of altruism and the need to help others.  Her Uncle was a physician in an undeserved community in Michigan, which is where a young Bernadette gained an understanding of what it meant to truly help those in need, and how using your skills and talent in a way that benefits others can truly make one’s life more purposeful and poignant.  It was where she volunteered for years, reading to children in his office, handing out books and clothes to kids in need, learning to run his business as she got older.  It was where her love of medicine, children and business took shape, and altered the course of her life.         

By 1996, having been a lifelong Michigan Wolverine fan, she began her studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, studying Biopsychology and Chemistry.  Hoping to follow in her Uncle’s footsteps, in 1998 she returned to the United Kingdom, having been accepted to study medicine at The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland.  This appointment served a dual purpose for her – it allowed her to follow her heart and study medicine, but also afforded her an opportunity to pursue another passion, international travel and discovery.  Upholding the academic standard she strives to maintain, she graduated with honors in 2004, earning a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery as well as a Bachelor of Obstetrics.  From there she went on to complete her medical internship at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Ayelesbury, England.  Though international travel has always been a passionate pursuit of hers, a desire to be closer to her family spawned a return to the United States.  Still with a passion for helping children, Dr. Antonyrajah completed her Pediatric training at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio, earning her Board Certification in Pediatrics in 2009.  Her time in Toledo was well spent as she not only trained in one of the premier children’s hospitals in the country, but also met her future husband and fellow Pediatrician, Dr. Avind Rampersad.  After completing her residency, she began working as a Pediatric Hospitalist for two years in an underserved community, something she had aspired to do for years.   It was during this time in her life that another dream of hers came to fruition, to start a family of her own.  Family has always been at the center of her life and she embraced the chance to become a mother herself.  Shortly afterwards, true to family tradition, she decided to continue her education and pursue further subspecialty training.  She went on to complete a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, earning her Board Certification in Pediatric Critical Care in 2016. 

After completing her medical training in Ohio Dr. Antonyrajah and her family relocated to Florida, accepting a job as the Medical Director of the Pediatric ICU at Florida Hospital for Children, a role she held from 2012-2016, helping to develop the ICU service into a worldwide leader under her guidance.  She served a similar role at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville in 2017, helping to grow that program as well.  Her experience and ability in leading a multifaceted team with single-minded focus and cohesiveness is part of what prompted her decision to leave Memorial Hospital and fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit by forming Advanced Kid’s Care, a freestanding Pediatric practice and Urgent Care facility in the greater Orlando area.  Following in her Uncle’s footsteps, she understood the power of using her skills and attributes to benefit something bigger than herself, and she wanted to bring that mentality and, in particular, exceptional medical care, to the families of her community.  Always with an eye on the bigger picture, she follows her passions to create an environment where she can benefit the most people and do the most good.  This principle has led her to her next project, acting as Medical Director of The IV Lounge.  Understanding the benefits of how IV fluids in the right combination has aided her many patients, she saw an opportunity to help deliver this medical therapy to the general public in a safe, easily accessible and affordable manner.  Overseeing quality of care to deliver a safe and effective product is one of her foremost responsibilities.              

Aside from her busy work life, Dr. Antonyrajah maintains a very full home life as well.  She is married to Dr. Avind Rampersad who is also a Pediatric Critical Care physician.  They have two children, Isabella and Gavin, who keep her on her toes.  Though her career pursuits have kept her busy, being a mom has always been a priority for her and so she is actively involved in her children’s academics, extracurricular activities and the community as well.   Dr. Antonyrajah is currently home-schooling her kids in the midst of the current pandemic and her many other projects.  True to her nature, she sits on the committee of several charitable organizations, most notably Runway to Hope, an event that raises money for childhood cancer research and treatment.  She and her family are also very involved in their church, Holy Family, with charitable pursuits such as clothing, food and toy drives for children and families less fortunate.   

In her spare time, she still enjoys traveling with her family and exploring new and exciting places.  She remains physically active as well and has passed this on to her children, who compete in sports such as soccer, tennis, golf and swimming.  Her daughter, especially, followed her mother’s example and also enjoys the arts as she plays the piano and dances.  Dr. Antonyrajah diligently goes to the gym several times a week and enjoys training for mini-marathons, which she often ropes her husband and kids into doing as well.  Most importantly, as her parents demonstrated, nothing outweighs spending time with close family and friends. 

Undergraduate & Medical Education

University of Michigan


Premedical Sciences in Biopsychology & Chemistry

Royal College of Surgeons


Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

Bachelor of Obstetrics

Medical Internship & Pediatric Residency

Stoke Mandeville Hospital


Internal Medicine

University of Toledo Medical Center



Pediatric Fellowship

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital


Pediatric Critical Care


American Board of Pediatrics – October 2009

American Board of Pediatric Critical Care – November 2016