A Dietitian and The Benefits

If you’re wanting to learn about how your car works and how to maximize its ability to perform, you wouldn’t do a random search and hope for the best, would you? Going to a certified mechanic or professional that knows about most or all types of vehicles would likely be a better idea. That professional could show what you could do for your own vehicle so you can keep it on the road longer.

That same theory applies to your nutrition. If you’re looking to lose weight, simply cutting food out and hoping for the best would be destined for failure. You should try to develop a plan to eat foods that not only help you achieve your goal, but improve the way you feel so you can improve the quality of your life. This is where a dietitian can be a great benefit for your commitment.

A registered dietitian is a professional that is well-versed in diets and nutrition. Working with one of these professionals offers several advantages.

Knowledge and Experience

Dietitians know about nutrition in ways similar to the previously mentioned mechanics would know about your vehicle. They can help you learn more about what you’re doing and why it’s so important according to Anthem. They also likely have a track record of success that shows they can help people that work with them produce satisfactory results. They have helped people who commit to a new fitness lifestyle or prepared for a big event. They work with athletes in different sports or patients and clients that are going into a more physical career. That experience is something you can lean on and learn from.

Different Plans for Different Needs

Would you follow a weight loss plan if you’re looking to build size and get stronger? What if you have a previous condition or allergy that doesn’t allow you to eat certain foods? Working with a registered dietitian means that professional can help you. That doesn’t mean the general version of “you”. You, yes you, reading this right now. Dietitians can help you develop a strategy based around your individual situation and goals. This greatly increases the chances of you following through on the commitment to the process as well as seeing success both short-term and for a long time to come.

Change Course as Necessary

We all know that not everything goes according to plan. You may change goals, develop a new issue, or your life situation changes like getting a new job. Why do these things matter? Factors like stress, activity level, travel, meal timing, and recovery all matter when it comes to a sound nutrition strategy. Working with someone whose familiar with changes like this can help you alter your plan accordingly so that you can worry less about if your plan will work, and more on executing your new strategy.

The IV Lounge offers this very important service thanks to our resident concierge dietitian, Courtney Mosser. A graduate of the University of Florida, Courtney can work with you on an individual basis to create an individual plan for you to get where you want to go. There are no cookie cutter plans and no “one size fits all” strategy. Contact us to learn more and to set up your first appointment with Courtney today.